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TL;DR PennApps is literally the Ivy League of hackathons. More than a 40+ high school student programmers from all over the world converge on Philadelphia twice a year for a weekend of creating and learning.

This time around, however, PennApps will be hosting a meetup dedicated to all the high school students. Anyone hacking at PennApps is more than welcome to attend.

The first 15 minutes will be spent debating over who is Teenage Coder, then an hour of talks and demos! News reporters from Philly and Penn Admissions will be attending the meetup as well.

RSVP for dinner here. Need a team? Post here!

Interested in giving a quick 5-10 minute talk/demo? Contact to have yours listed in the sidebar to the right.

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  • Victor Lourng
    What is High School Hackers?

    by Victor Lourng

    An quick intro to HS Hackers and some more graphs + charts to document how much HS Hackers has grown through the months. #avi :)

  • Teenage Coder
    Who is Teenage Coder

    by Teenage Coder

    Facebook Event

    I am the next steve jobs. k.

  • Penn Admissions
    Discovering Penn

    by Penn Admissions

    Discover what the University of Pennsylvania has to offer. 

  • Nick Curtis
    The Future is Awesome

    by Nick Curtis

    A talk from Comcast on life advice and how to succed with the rapid evolution of technology.

  • MLH
    High School Hackathons

    by MLH

    MLH introduces an special program for high school students.

  • Guy HadasVictor Lourng
    Young Entrepreneurs Panel

    by Guy Hadas, Victor Lourng

    Featuring Thiel Fellows Ari Weinstein and Conrad Kramer + developers Guy Hadas, Ryan Orbuch, and Nikhil Srinivisan.

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