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All Hail The Platypus @ PennApps XII

PennApps is the largest college hackathon in the world. Hundreds of high school programmers from all over the world converge on Philadelphia twice a year for a weekend of creating and learning. Anyone hacking at PennApps is invited to attend!

A list of talks is on the right in no particular order ->

  • Victor LourngJustin Brezhnev

    by Victor Lourng, Justin Brezhnev

    We're launching a community resource for high school hackathon organizers & attendees, and you can be a part of it!

  • Dave Fontenot
    Start a Coding Club at Your School

    by Dave Fontenot

    Get your students excited with computer science by starting a coding club! Talk by Dave Fontenot.

  • Everyone
    Introductions & Networking

    by Everyone

    Introduce yourself in 10 seconds or less! :)

  • Victor Lourng
    The Stats

    by Victor Lourng

    Numbers from this year's hackathon season and attendees at PennApps

  • Everyone
    Group Photos

    by Everyone

    We will somehow manage to take a group photo (if there is a space constraint, then it shall happen after the talk.)

  • Ali MalikEveryoneMLH
    Event Spotlight: CHEHacks, CodeDay, CodeHighlands, Local Hack Day

    by Ali Malik, Everyone, MLH

  • Everyone
    Open Mic

    by Everyone

    Anyone can come up on stage, and pitch anything in 5 minutes or less!

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