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Welcome to the Future

Let's do this! 7:30pm sharp on Saturday evening - new place, new time. We'll hook up a livestream between PennApps + MHacks and take a group photo. ♥

High School Hackers is an all-inclusive group (this includes all 5th graders and middle schoolers!) Non-HSers are welcome to join us and see what we're up to!

If you're coming to PennApps, we also have another ice skating meetup at midnight.

Note: This meetup requires acceptance into PennApps or MHacks, but will be livestreamed online for those who can't make it.


Future Meetups

  1. PilotPhilly is happening Janurary 30-31!
  2. CodeDay Philly is happening Feburary 14-15! Use promo code HSHACKERS for a discount.
  3. Side Project Saturday meetups will resume in March.
  • Victor Lourng
    State of the Hackerverse: Rise of Hackathon Hackers

    by Victor Lourng

    In under 6 months, Hackathon Hackers has brought together a passionate community of developers, designers, and so much more. In this presentation, I will present you with some neat little tidbits. Slides will be online immediately after the meetup. (Click here for a spoiler!)

  • Victor LourngIgnition
    A New High School Hackathon League

    by Victor Lourng, Ignition

    A sneak peek of what lies ahead for high school hackathons. Hint: You get a hackathon, you get a hackathon, everyone gets a hackathon! Lightning Talk.

  • Hacker Fund
    A Message from Hacker Fund

    by Hacker Fund

    Hacker Fund a non-profit dedicated to creating a diverse culture of innovation by putting a hackathon at every high school. Lightning Talk.

  • Jay Mo
    CTFs for High Schoolers

    by Jay Mo

    A talk from the team at about upcoming events. Lightning Talk.

  • Edward Jiang
    What I Wish I Knew as a HS Hacker

    by Edward Jiang

    A combination of life tips / tech tips / entrepreneurship tips from the founder of StudentRND.

  • Zach Latta
    Start a Hack Club

    by Zach Latta

    hackEDU empowers high school students to build things they care about with code through creating, connecting, and growing closely-knit, student-run coding clubs in high schools. Lightning Talk.

  • Mamadou Diallo
    We are The Young Hackers

    by Mamadou Diallo

    A little about The Young Hackers and a shirt giveaway at MHacks. Lightning Talk.

  • Jay Mo

    by Jay Mo

    Lightning Talk.

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